Illustration- portrait of Dr Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall 1.jpg

Doctor Jane Goodall spoke at the International Convention Centre in Sydney last night.
Renowned the world over as a remarkable spokesperson for animal welfare and the environment she gave a very inspirational and hopeful message for the future. Not so much in what we are doing for the environment but for her first hand experience with and encouragement of a burgeoning younger generation of global activists. Most well-known for her ground breaking field work with chimpanzees in the wild in her twenties the message she brought to the world about animals having a personality and the continuum of humans in the primate family tree resonated with my own experience of animal life.
Married to Diana, a dedicated animal lover and saviour of many lorikeets, budgies, cats, dogs, rabbits, axolotls, frogs, turtles you very quickly learn the amazing individuality of so-called lower life forms. But Jane’s story transcends experience with domesticated creatures- she single-handedly sought out a connection with wild chimpanzees in Africa.
Compelling as a human being on so many levels hearing Jane Goodall’s story-telling was an immense privilege.
Thanks to Marcus Raue and Think Inc for such a well-organised and timely event!