Corporate Strategy Story illustration

Every business has a story whether they know it or not. A lot of businesses are learning to value that story and use it to enhance their brand and define their strategy into the future.

In this animation wherever you see ‘our business’ imagine your business logo and your business’s product range in the final illustration.

A few businesses are capturing their story in a single illustration to make the storytelling more compelling and visually come to life.

This is a process video that shows, step-by-step, how illustrator Lew Keilar worked with company executives to produce a final compelling illustration for use in internal company communications with staff and leadership teams.

The actual company, it’s participating leadership teams and its iconic products this was produced to personify have been modified, blurred and generically m privacy reasons. Actual staff participating have been blurred also

The narrative and script I was supplied by the unnamed company when developing the final illustration was written by Shawn Callahan of ANECDOTE.

Lew Keilar Illustration is now collaborating directly with ANECDOTE on a major corporate strategy document; supplying a whiteboard animation and, for internal communications, a process video similar to this.

As in this video participating staff and leadership teams are featured developing the strategy story.