Whiteboard Animation for FIRST DATA

Made popular by RSA Animate (check them on You tube) white board animating relies on the illustrator to draw without prep sketches or tracing.

This is the very first whiteboard animation Lew Keilar worked on and only got it because the artist who was commissioned to do it fell ill the day before the shoot!

The shoot took a day.

The camera was on an overhead jib and the whiteboard was laid out flat underneath it.

A weird drawing position combined with an audience of:

  • the Art Director

  • the Creative Director

  • the Director of Photography

  • the grip

  • the client’s rep

  • the studio owner and a junior who just wanted a look on

made for quite an audience when the drawing began!

It was intense but life-changing for the artist.

The film was used at a major First Data sales conference and turned dry statistics into something entertaining.